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Rojava Plan is a movement to create a global network of democratic societies. That starts now with Rojava as a model for the world. We are learning from this true revolution.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Whether you’re here to join us, offer help or cruising by - Welcome!

Food Sovereignty

Technological sovereignty


  • Water


  • Yoga
  • Natural medicine


  • Center for Agricultural Research
  • Training: ecology, internet, design, web admin
  • Collaboration with the Qamişlo University
  • Translations
  • Revolutionary library in English, Kurdish and Spanish


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Give me a fish and I will eat today.

Show me how to fish and I will eat until the rivers are dirty and the coast full of hotels.

Organize against the corporate system and we will be free forever.


We need 3D printers: Fusion F306 ($4000) or better, and atomic PLA spool. These are essential for Rojava.

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Activity log

Things we've done.

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Underway, projected or proposed projects. They are grouped under six programs:

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Open source village

An open, self-managed, low-cost project designed for boosting scientific research, open hardware tools and ecology in Western Kurdistan, as well as production and sharing of commons. It aims at increasing technological sovereignty and autonomy of the people of Rojava. It has three main functions:

  • Low-tech research
  • Services to the community
  • Education and free sharing of knowledge

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Expanding the revolution beyond the limits of Rojava

  • Federated global network of communities for peace, love and technology
  • Partners. List of people and organizations who cooperate with us, financially or in other ways.
  • Funders. List of backers of the Feed the revolution crowdfunding campaign.